Saturday, October 17, 2009

Score One for Quality

Google Test Automation Conference
Zurich - Oct 22nd 2009

Paper is here:

Research into the generation gap between current managers from the Baby Boomer era and the incoming group of Gen X, Gen Y, and Millennials shows that video games are a significant distinction to separate the two. Those generational differences indicate the need, as we seek to understand this research, for experimentation in how test teams find bugs. Bug Bash 2.0
We found a very powerful mechanism for communicating organizational priorities effectively and quickly. People engage quickly, and games can drive QA behaviors that help improve both product quality and employee morale. This creates a virtuous cycle where standard productivity metrics improve as engagement improves. The game discussed here introduces a new level of quality into the localization efforts by using “the crowd” – a diverse worldwide employee base in this case. We predict that “Games at Work” or “Productivity Games” carry a huge potential for influencing not just the software engineering workplace, but all industries and employee populations.