Sunday, September 29, 2013

Seven Ways to Bring More Playful Productivity to Your Work

Seven Ways to Bring More Playful Productivity to Your Work


Is play really the opposite of work? What if your most creative, productive & effective work was actually accomplished when in a state of playful flow? This article explores seven ways to make your work more playfully productive.

1.     Re-examine your assumptions and beliefs about work and play.

2.     Uncover your core passions and connect them to your business mission and values.

3.     Schedule at least one, if not a few, “non-screen” times during your day.

4.     Schedule regular daily or weekly play time with your co-workers, peers or friends.

5.     Create a comfortable play-space or lounge in your workplace.

6.     Bring more of your personal, creative, playful life into the workplace.

7.     Do some more reading and research on this subject.


Taking the Work Out of Work


Global, social, technological, and demographic shifts alter the competitive landscape for businesses across the globe. The impact on organizational behavior is significant. Creativity and innovation are paramount – keystones for 21st century competitive relevance. The speed of business and the pressures of competition require unprecedented agility. At an organizational level, employees are pulled in every direction, asked to perform unreal acts, and pressured for new ideas at a level well beyond the greatest minds in history. Yet, high unemployment levels, globalization, offshoring, outsourcing, contract work, crowdsourcing and a burgeoning population mean uncertainty and insecurity for everyone. A lack of trust and uncertainty around job security inhibit creative undertakings by employees. How do we partner to foster creativity while maintaining a competitive edge? The answer is to create a culture of play and games in the 21st century workplace.© Ross Smith



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FW: Episode 60 – Bubbly Bubblers in Gamified Buildings

Phaedra, Michael and Michael were delighted to be accompanied by Ross Smith, Director of Test in the Skype division of Microsoft for this show, centered around games for employee engagement.
Ross described the recent work that he and his team have done with giving personality to buildings and using the building itself as the ‘game master’, to orchestrate and facilitate employee engagement.

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